Symone has performed on pole and other aerial disciplines in Hong Kong and other countries around the world for more than 10 years. A strong and athletic dancer, she manages to combine grace and fluidity with the powerful moves required by aerial arts. 2009 was a challenging year for her as she decided to open her first pole dance studio in Hong Kong and now dedicates her full time training and teaching new moves on pole, hoops and silks to any levels.

  • Judgning panel of the 5th Chinese Culture and Art Festival and the 11th China International Pole Dancing Championships & also teaching aerial hoop workshops June 2017 (Beijing, China)
  • Judging panel of the Pole Stars competition November 2015 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Judging panel of the 3rd Chinese Culture and Art Festival and 9th China International Pole Dancing Championships & also teaching silky pole workshops June 2015 (Beijing, China)
  • Teaching aerial hoop at Fitness & Pole Greece June 2015 (Athens, Greece)
  • Teaching pole workshops at Fit For a Goddess studio February 2015 (Hawaii, USA)
  • Judging panel of The Japan Pole Sports Championship & also teaching aerial hoop and burlesque pole workshops December 2014 (Osaka, Japan)
  • Nationally qualified IPSF (International Pole Sports Federation) judge December (Osaka, Japan)
  • Judging panel of The 8th International Pole Championship China & also teaching aerial hoop and silks workshops October 2014 (Beijing, China)
  • Judging panel of Pole Stars Russia September 2014 (St. Petersburg, Russia)
  • Aerial hoop instructor at International Pole Camp 6th edition September 2014 (Calgary, Canada)
  • Judging panel of The 8th International Pole Championship China & also teaching aerial hoop and silks workshops August 2014 (Beijing, China)
  • Advanced to Xpert Trainer in July 2014 (Hong Kong)
  • The first instructor in Asia to be qualified in all 4 levels of the X-pert certification course run by X-pole April 2014 (Rome, Italy)
  • Participant of the Pole Dancing World Guinness Record 2014 (Hong Kong)
  • Opened Pole Paradise Studio & Jungle Paradise 2014 (Sai Kung, Hong Kong)
  • Participant of the inaugural Pole Cruise 2013 (Australia)
  • Conducted aerial hoop and silks instructor training course levels 1-3 at Polecats 2012 (Manila, Philippines)
  • Participant of Pole Convention 2012 (LA, USA)
  • Judging panel of the Hong Kong China Pole Championships 2012 (Hong Kong)
  • Lead pole dance coach and extra for Vodafone television commercial (Germany)
  • Winner in the Hong Kong International Pole Dance Competition 2011 - Doubles (Hong Kong)
  • Opened Pole Paradise Studio in 2009 (Sheung Wan, Hong Kong)
  • 2nd place in the 1st China National Pole Dancing Championship 2007 (Hong Kong)
  • Finalist in the International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2009 (Tokyo, Japan)
  • 2nd place in the (Pole Fit) International Pole Dance Fitness Championship 2008 (Manila, Philippines)
  • Delegate of the International Pole Camp 2008, 2009 & 2011 (Calgary, Canada)
  • Judging panel of the Hong Kong International Pole Dance Competition 2009 (Hong Kong)
  • Started aerial hoop and aerial silks 2007 (San Francisco, USA)
  • Participant of the Pole Dancing World Guinness Record 2007 (Hong Kong)
  • Pole Dance acting role in the movie 3 Cities, (Hong Kong)
  • Pole Dance acting role in the movie La Lingerie, (Hong Kong)
  • Studio manager and main pole instructor at Pole Divas 2008 - 2009 (Hong Kong)
  • Obtained overseas pole dance teaching qualification Intermediate – Advanced levels 2008 (London, UK)
  • Obtained overseas pole dance teaching qualifications Beginner level Vertical Dance 2007 (London, UK)
  • Part time instructor at Pole Divas 2006 - 2008 (Hong Kong)
  • Started pole dancing 2004 (Hong Kong)


Josef Dolai has recently taken up the art of aerial performing and s the main instructor at our Sai Kung studio. He has taken to the aerial hoop and silks like a fish to water. A strong performer, he shows that aerial performing is not only in a woman's realm. He can perform on his own or in a duet; his ever-growing passion for the arts will only make him a better aerialist, which you can see in his up-coming acts.


Maegan first started aerial arts at a summer camp when she was ten years old and has never looked back. She began her training in the United States and has since practiced wherever she is in the world from Canada to Asia. She is certified to teach Trapeze, Rope, Spanish Web and Cloud Swing and loves sharing her knowledge with adults and children alike with over 8 years of teaching experience. She brings her background in ballet, her quirky sense of humor, and her passion for trapeze to all of her performances.


Agnes (Agy) is a certified X-pert (levels 1-2) pole instructor. She fell in love with the art of pole dancing after her first pole class in 2012 at Pole Paradise Studio and reached advance level within her first year of learning. She believes all can be great dancers, through hard work and continuously pushing themselves. Agy also practices at an advanced level of aerial hoop (lyra) and aerial silk (fabric).

Having participated in many workshops and learnt from many well-known pole artists such as Symone Dolai, Marlo Fisken, Amy Hazel, Natasha Wang, Crystal Lai, Sarah Scott, Akana Sato and Amy Raven etc, Agy achieved one of the finalists positions in Miss Pole Hong Kong 2014.

You can feel all her dedication and passion to pole and aerial arts through her performances. She feels lucky to have discovered aerial arts from Symone. Look out for her in the upcoming competitions in near future.


Bowie firmly believes that it is never too late to start a passion. She fell in love with pole dancing from the very first class, and has quickly excelled in terms of technique and precision. A bold strength and determination to bear the pain enabled her to advance rapidly in pole dancing, aerial silks and the hoop. Bowie is also a certified X-pert pole instructor (level 1-2).

  • Winner in the Hong Kong International Pole Dance Competition 2011 - Doubles


Melodie has brought a real sensual side to PPS by offering classes such as lap dance, sensual dance and more. A great member of the PPS team she will no doubt make you feel welcome and at ease in any of her classes. She is able to conduct classes in both Chinese and English.

  • Certified Fitness Pole Dance Instructor in Tokyo Certificate of Nutrition and Body
  • Slimming Program in City University of Hong Kong
  • Special Guest Instructor of a Pole Dance Workshop in a prestigious studio located in Tokyo
  • One of the Top 10 Finalists of International Pole Dance Championship in Manila 2008
  • Delegate for IDEA World Fitness Convention in Las Vegas and Asia Fit Fitness Convention in Hong Kong
  • Dance performances in musicals “Around the World in 80 Days" & “Peter Pan"
  • Dance performances for renowned fitness organizations throughout South East Asia
  • Dance performances for various high fashion brands, such as Harley Davidson, Escada etc.
  • Dance performance for an eminent dance group in Paris


Corinna (Coco) is a passionate dancer and an experienced pole dance trainer. She taught pole dance classes in her home country of Germany before coming to Hong Kong in August 2015. Her classes are based on solid education & many years of diverse dancing backgrounds. Coco is a certified pole dance trainer endorsed in many different countries. Dancing Flamenco and Tango for many years, friends and audience admire her elegant, fine style. Her cross-continental experience in teaching & learning has made her familiar with different facets of pole. She puts special attention into healthy and safe training.


About Pole

Pole dancing derived from the early days of traveling circuses where ladies would dance around the tent poles between acts taking place in the centre ring. Prior to that history also shows the use of poles in the form of Chinese pole used in Asian acrobatics and Mallakhamb, a wooden pole used in India and only used by men.

Made popular in Canada in the early 1980''s, pole dancing was commonly seen in strip clubs and has only recently left the clubs and become a legitimate form of exercise. Many women and men have taken up the sport, not to mention numerous celebrities who have also helped to make the hobby popular for everyone.

This form of sensual dance has advanced in leaps and bounds with performers achieving death-defying tricks that seem physically impossible. It has come so far that now there are petitions to make pole dancing an Olympic event.

The poles are made of stainless steel, with the most common being 45mm in width. However, we are seeing increased use of the newer 40mm poles designed for girls with smaller hands and also allowing for better grip. They come in both static and spinning mode, making for a completely new, visually breathtaking experience for any dancer.

Comfortable clothing, like shorts with a tank top/T-shirt, is recommended but more advanced students should bare more skin as this is the best grip for the pole. It is up to you to raise the level and use high heels on your best moves!

About Hoop

Aerial hoop, also known as lyra and cerceau, consists of a circular steel hoop very similar to a hula hoop. Suspended from the ceiling by either one point allowing for spinning or two points for more static displays, it is most commonly seen in circuses and have been made popular by the most famous and evolved spectacle "Cirque Du Soleil".

Outside of its artistic aspect, it is also a great workout, with emphasis on your core and upper body. Stunning poses and graceful movements can be achieved with continual practice.

Students are recommended to wear leotards or form-fitting clothing covering the legs. Leg warmers may come in handy to protect the backs of the knees.

About Silks

Aerial silks are also commonly known as tissu, fabrics and also ribbons. A long stretch of fabric is attached to rigging at its centre point and hung from the ceiling. With two hanging drapes, the students can climb and suspend themselves in beautiful positions by twisting and manipulating the fabric around their body, allowing for swings, wraps and other various poses.

The strength required to perform the artistic moves also benefits you by toning your upper-body, which in turn allows for more complex displays.

It is highly suggested to wear form fitting clothing whilst covering your legs. Long, full- length leotards are best recommended.

Static Trapeze

A trapeze is a metal horizontal bar suspended from two ropes on either side. It was first invented by a French acrobat and aerialist, Jules Léotard in the 1800s in Toulouse France. Léotard invented the flying trapeze, but at Pole Paradise Studio we offer static trapeze.

Static trapeze uses the same apparatus as other types of trapeze, but the bar stays in place while the performer moves around the bar and ropes. Moves are done below the bar, above the bar, and in the ropes. Static trapeze can be performed by a single artist, or as a pair. Both of these variations of static trapeze can be seen in circuses across the globe such as Cirque do Soleil's Totem, and O.

It is highly suggested to wear form fitting clothing whilst covering your legs. Long, full- length leotards are best recommended.

Private Lessons

Perhaps joining a group class is not really your thing or maybe you just cannot commit to regular class times? We give you the flexible option of fitting in lessons at your own time and convenience. You can book a private lesson for yourself or up to 6 people to learn any of the disciplines or workshops provided at Pole Paradise Studio.

The lessons will be organized around your needs and taught at your pace. Created for all levels, you will learn faster and become more advanced in the moves.

You can also have private pole dance lessons from the comfort of your own home. Our instructor will come to your house with a portable pole and teach you various moves.


Having a unique performance at your next party venue from the "Pole Paradise Dancers" will leave a memorable experience for you and your guests. Whether the act is a sensual pole dance, defying aerial hoop, aerial silk or provocative burlesque performance, your event will be the envy of the town for months and months to come.For details about hiring the "Pole Paradise Dancers", please call our studio for prices and booking procedures.


Parties at Pole Paradise Studio are a great way to enjoy the fun of learning how to pole dance or suspend from hoops and silks with your closest friends.

Whether it is for a special occasion like a Hen's Night, birthday party or any other festivity, our instructor will be there to help you create a personalized theme night.

The party class allows you to use all the studio facilities - You can bring your own alcohol and don''t hesitate to inquire about the most suitable clothing for the particular discipline. Most importantly, do not forget to bring your camera for long-lasting, memorable photos

Why choose PPS?
  • Experienced and friendly instructors
  • High ceilings with 7 poles
  • 7 hoops and silks
  • Brand new equipment
  • Large spacious studio
  • You get 1.5 hours of fun!
  • 15 minutes before class time to change and mingle (glasses and fridge are provided for snacks and drinks)
  • 1 hour party including warm up, moves and routines
  • 15 minutes after the class to relax and make sure nobody forgot to take pictures of the event!
Prop Dancing

Prop dancing introduces fun and interesting accessories to enhance your dance moves. Each week you will learn a short routine with a different prop such as hats, feather boas, fans & umbrellas.

Silks 1

This new art form will elegantly combine strength and beauty on hanging fabric suspended from the ceiling. Learn to climb, pose and unravel your way through many different aerial maneuvers. Most importantly using the “Egg Knot" throughout the course as students get used to the tricks and movements.

Silks 2A

Students must have first completed the Silks 1 course before proceeding to this level. More advanced moves are taught as students are taught using free flowing silks and focussing on single footlock moves.

Silks 2B

Continue learning more and more skills required by using single footlock moves.

Silks 3

Combine your skills taught in silks 1 & 2 to advance and create variations of moves taught. The moves in this course will focus on double footlock moves.

Silks 4

Continue developing individual moves in this level. Moves that are covered in this course include single footlock moves on one silk while the other is manipulated into unique poses.

Silk 5-8

Further in these courses you will continue to develop and advance your silks repertoire. Build up your knowledge of moves to create unique and beautiful silks routines. Advanced wraps, drops and transitions will be taught.

Hoop 1

The aerial hoop is a suspended steel circle hanging from the ceiling. Learn different mounts and poses both from the floor and within the hoop.

Hoop 2-7

Students must have first completed the Hoop 1 course before proceeding to this level. More advanced moves and postures are taught.

Double Hoop 1-2

Students must have first completed the previous hoop levels before proceeding to this level. In this level you will work on doubles moves within the hoop. This will require team-work and learning the art of balance and support to achieve the moves successfully.


We slow it down for this sensual dance that is normally meant to be performed for your special someone. Give them the perfect gift that involves the dance of love and lust.

Open Level

This is a perfect course for people who want one-on-one assistance on a particular move or moves. The structure of this course is based on the instructor addressing individual needs of the students. Maybe you are just eager to try something new? Then this is also the class for you!

Static Trapeze 1

A trapeze is a metal bar suspended from 2 ropes on both sides. Learn to feel comfortable on it through various sittings and standings as well as mounts.

Static Trapeze 2

Learn more challenging moves build on the skills learned in in Static Trapeze 1. Moves will be in the same family as so you can deepen the practice while still understanding the body movements of the tricks.

Static Trapeze 3

This course builds on static Trapeze 1 and 2, focuses on poses requiring more strength and body awareness. Students will begin to learn how moves fit together to create a short sequence moves.

Static Trapeze 4

Students in this course will learn advanced moves that require strength and coordination learned in levels 1-3. This course also focuses on endurance and showmanship as students learn routines every week and a long routine in the final week that includes all the tricks in the course.

Static Trapeze 5

Trapeze 5 will focus on tricks that require control and awareness of the apparatus. Students will learn to manipulate the movement and momentum of the trapeze for moves. They will also learn new tricks in the ropes that require more strength.


Junior classes are a chance for kids from age 6 to 16 to accomplish all the same tricks the adults do. At PPS we will have safety padding for all the kids, because we all fall sometimes, and we want the little ones to get back up right away. Not only are they with us for fitness and skill building but also for building confidence.

Pole 1

Take up one of the fastest growing fitness alternatives hitting studios worldwide. Pole dancing combines dance and fitness, bringing the best of both worlds together. Begin with simple spins and transitions to create a beautiful set choreography to slow tempo music.

Pole 2

Begin to climb and hold up-right poses on the pole in this next piece of choreography.

Pole 3

In this level you will continues to learn more advanced climbs, spins and poses in this next routine.

Pole 4

Learn to invert for the first time and combine this with other spins that will impress anyone who sees you move. The last in our series of set choreography, you will most certainly have gained much skill and practice to bring your own personal style to the upcoming levels.

Pole 5-10

As you progress through the following levels you will notice the difficulty level in the moves naturally become harder to achieve. Moves such as the knee hold, hand spring & Jade are just a few to name.

Spin Combos

Twirl with grace in this introductory spinning pole class where you'll be taught a variety of simple moves. Combine the new tricks in an easy, choreographed routine to showcase your dance skills. Spin Combos 1 is suitable for all levels, including students who are completely new to pole dancing or have never used a spinning pole before.

Pole Fit

A class designed to build up the body's strength for pole moves and also working major body sections such as the core. This is a class that will benefit all levels of dancers from beginners to advanced. Although the class will use the pole as a fitness apparatus the exercises will also benefit hoop and silk students alike.

Pole and Lap

This class welcomes all levels. Emphasis is on learning a specific choreography, lap dance techniques, pole tricks and sexy floor work. Smooth out your sensual movements between tricks so you can blend them into a beautiful, elegant and sexy routine.

Sensual Dance

Sensual dance is the foundation for all exotic dances, includes exotic dance moves, floor work, and wall dancing. It helps you bring out your inner sexy person; all while having tons of fun. All levels are welcome to reach inside yourself to find your inner beauty and expressing it through dance in an amusing workout.

Rip Trainer

The Rip Trainer is an asymmetric exercise apparatus. It helps you train for your favorite sport activity and focuses on building your strength on specific demands. Through the class you will build your core stability to help leaps and bounds with all your favorites aerial arts!

TRX Trainer

Developed by a former Navy Seal and widely used in the American military during basic training. TRX utilizes your body weight to help transform your mind and body to peak performance. You will discover how your new strength translates to your everyday life. Great class for aerialists to build strength.

Pole Flow

Anyone can perform one move followed by another again and again, but it takes Flow to make it perfect. This class is designed to help teach you how to combine your moves together in a way that makes them appear seamless. Pole Flow is intended for students of level 5 or higher.

Stretchy Flexi

Finally a class EVERYONE NEEDS to take. Anyone wanting to improve their flexibility should attend this class. Flexibility makes poses look more impressive. No matter what type of aerial class you are attending flexibility is something we should all take the time to work on.


Our toddler classes focus on fun and safety. We'll be teaching very basic and fun physical activities. Things that include tumbling, rolling, skipping, bouncing and other fun stuff we all did as little ones but can't find the place or observation to do it in Hong Kong. All the classes will be safe with acrobatic safety mats on the floor.



Before moving to Hong Kong for my postgraduate studies, I had already taken my Pole training to a level beyond that of a "hobby." I have become dedicated to enhancing my skills. As such, I thought that the cultural gap would be a road-block to my learning process within a pole class setting in HK. My very first class at PPS, however, proved me wrong. In fact, I love how much the technique in each spin or trick is elaborated, especially when I consult about specific moves. After all, pole is scientific, at least that's how I see it. The atmosphere in class was very friendly and welcoming; I didn't feel like an "odd girl out." Satisfied and glad, I was, and still am, excited to take more classes. The schedule made it easier for me to sign up, which initially worried me because of my academic timetable. In addition, seeing the listed Hoop and Silk classes tingled my insides; these are rare in my country. In HK, so far, the availability and frequency of hoop and silk programs (and of course, pole too) at PPS are more than enough for me.


Private Lessons

I started private lessons in pole dancing at Pole Paradise Studio almost two months ago. For beginners with little to almost no experience in dancing, I found private lessons at Pole Paradise Studio fun and motivating. Symone is highly experienced and with her patience and professionalism, has helped me develop my confidence to join group lessons.I have now started attending group lessons a couple of weeks ago but I still continue private classes in order to improve my techniques and to keep up with group classes.



My weekends became fun and meaningful after participating in a PPS workshop. After practicing pole, silk and hoop for a year, I understand that regular classes are not enough for me to enhance my skill to practice advance moves. I attended the “Superman" workshop and we practiced different variations and forms of the “Superman." I really enjoyed that lesson and look forward to the “Ayesha" and “Straight Edge" workshops next at PPS!

Moreover with regards to pole, silk and hoop, I am the kind of person who loves to challenge myself and try out new aerial arts. Trapeze is the latest and hottest item in PPS and I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to participate in such a gorgeous art. We were taught the essence of this art from the beautiful moves and the routine.

In addition, it was my pleasure to be the student of Ms Amy Raven, one of the best aerial performers from Las Vegas, in the United States of America. I can sense her passion and love towards the aerial arts and she has inspired every one of us with her talent and skill. The most memorable moment was the time we had a sharing moment after the workshop and we all sat in a small circle to share our the feelings from deep down in our hearts about aerial arts with our other classmates. We all love Amy and wish to see her again in the near future!



We had a wonderful hens night at this beautiful studio and Symone was such a great host and a fabulous instructor. The moves, arguably basic, were already a big challenge to us. The next day we all woke up with sore muscles, so it was really effective in toning the muscles and keeping one fit. As for the studio, it was so well maintained that it looked just like what it was like in the photos, right color and brand new equipment! I would definitely recommend it to friends, and return here if we were to do this again. In fact, some of the girls were already talking about future lessons when we left! Thanks for the cool lesson!



On October 6th we booked the troupe members from Pole Paradise Studio for my 50th birthday celebration. We had the same amount of guests and the show was the success and highlight of the evening. There were mixed expectations as my guests were all age between 25 and 75, but with the troupe's literally artistic act managed to thrill them all and even attract people to try pole dancing whom I would have never imagined to even move close to a pole. A very successful evening thanks to PPS, we can recommend them to everyone who likes to enjoy something different to normal.



I've been to three PPS showcases so far, the Elemental showcase at Grappa's Cellar and two of PPS's in-house Birthday showcases. They have all been absolutely great. I brought my friends to all three of them and they thoroughly enjoyed it. These showcases are a perfect way to introduce people to the different styles of aerial performances – may it be silk, hoop or pole.

At the Elemental showcase (my first ever aerial showcase!) I was in absolute awe of every performance. Just watching everyone perform and noticing their own individual aesthetics/style of performing was a great experience. They ranged from graceful, mind blowingly powerful, sexy to just hilarious. Who would have thought a pole dancing performance could be a comedic skit? I'm so glad I went and so were my friends because they were raving about it for days!

Symone's Birthday Showcases at PPS on the other hand are more personal. Instructors and students who want to try out performing for the first time do it here in front of friends, family and their aerial classmates. This year we had our first ever trapeze performance by Symone! It was really entertaining not to mention funny. We even got to experience a burlesque show by Naughty Nuts Azure! I think a lot of men attended got quite the treat. We had a few debut performances too, one of which was by Fumiyo and Joyce, who I am so very proud off! It has been great seeing them progress so fast over the past year.

All in all, if you are a PPS student these showcases should be on your must-go-to list and a great treat for your friends and family!


PPS Aerial Performance Tournament

The PPS Aerial Performance Tournament would have just been another pressure filled competition if not for the very gracious host who made the trip not only worthwhile but made this a competition that I will truly remember forever. Symone Dolai, the owner of Pole Paradise Studios and a fellow aerial arts enthusiast is a woman who definitely knows how to plan an event ahead of time, and keep her competitors as stress-free as possible until the time of the competition. Symone was definitely one of the most organized coordinators that I have met.

She is on top of things. In the months leading to the actual competition date, upon acceptance as a finalist, she would send frequent updates on the progress of the event. She was kind enough not to update us with pertinent information in a single email. Slowly but surely, she eased her competitors into the mechanics of the competition and what we should expect when we actually got there. My fellow competitors and I were never a lost crowd as she led us through.

It was my first time stepping onto the shores of Hong Kong but it never seemed as foreign as I thought it would because Symone had briefed us about the city weeks prior to the event. It seemed upon meeting her that we have known each other for quite some time because of the frequency of our exchanged emails. Most of the competitors from around the world were quite anxious because it was their very first international tournament. She was armed with an ever-caring smile, and she made sure that we were all in this together.

For aerial arts enthusiasts, if ever you have enough courage to join an international competition. I would highly recommend the PPS Aerial Performance Tournament hosted by Symone Dolai.


Overseas Workshops

Symone Dolai came to Hawaii and taught a few workshops here at Fit for a Goddess. From the moment that she contacted us to the very end she was absolutely a delight to work with. She was very organized timely and prompt with the agreement and arrangements. During our correspondence before she came she was able to answer my questions surrounding the circumstances of the abilities of my students so that she could best conduct workshops that would be valuable in all levels and skill abilities. Upon arriving to the studio her energetic upbeat and bubbly good nature was very welcoming to my students. Her lap dance workshop was absolutely thrilling to see dance movements that were good again for all levels of the students and myself who also took the workshop all had great time! Her other two workshops the Spins and Superman workshop were none the less up to par! She worked hand in hand with students with patience and ease. She offered modifications and tips that were highly useful to all the students in the class. I would love to have Symone back whenever she is on the island!

-Gina Ogitani (owner of Fit For a Goddess, Honolulu Hawaii)